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Violett and Gabby are created and produced by Doug James, owner of JDJ International. They have a rich history.  

Doug had always wanted to create a 16 inch doll and first did so along with the late Laura Meisner with Willow and Daisy for the Knickerbocker Toy Company. Willow and Daisy didn’t have the pose ability but with their fanciful outfits and accessories they had a great run.  

Doug went on with Laura to create the 19 inch vinyl C.E.D. Fashion dolls. After the first year of C.E.D Doug was on his own and formed JDJ International to continue producing and expanding the line. The C.E.D. line now includes five ethnically diverse ladies who have the distinction of being the very first fashion dolls to be fully articulated.  

Never one to slow down Doug  made an adjacent leap with the creation of the 19 inch “S” Series ball jointed and strung resin fashion dolls; Seine, Sayer, Sinclair and Shelby, plus the 20 inch men, Sebastian and Silas. (In addition to their regular duties as fashion dolls, both of these doll lines appeared exclusively in the 2012 and 2013 Bloomingdale Christmas Windows to great fanfare.)

The vinyl versions of Violett and Gabby were born somewhere between the creation of C.E.D. and the “S” Series dolls. They were an offshoot of the earlier Willow and Daisy but more like “cousins” than “siblings” since both their body and head sculpts were refined.  The vinyl Violett and Gabby also had a great run with three Violetts and three Gabbys accompanied by lots of colorful outfits and accessories.    

When they sold out the project seemed over and other fashion dolls were demanding his attention. But for Doug, the Violett and Gabby concept did not want to go away! The dolls were too beautiful with endless creative possibilities. He couldn’t leave them alone. It was a project that kept tugging at him.

Today Violett and Gabby are new, beautifully crafted, ball-jointed and strung with heavy elastic, and back in hand finished resin! Of course Doug couldn’t do it without some sincere tweaking here and there. The multi-jointed resin bodies are a tiny bit sleeker plus their eyes are smaller and more natural than their vinyl sisters. Their bodies in resin are smooth and weighty like marble sculpture.  

They are 16 inches (40.64 cm) high. Their bust is 6.25 inches (15.87 cm). Their waist is 4.25 inches (10.79 cm). Their hips are 6.65 (16.76 cm). Inseam is 8.25 inches (20.95 cm). Head circumference is 5 inches (12..70 cm). and sleeve length is 5 inches (12.70 cm).


Like all our products, Violett and Gabby editions will always be produced in very small numbers to make them ultimately collectable.

So, allow us to introduce you to the uniquely beautiful Violett and Gabby; 16 inch hand finished resin fashion dolls, infinitely pose-able with clothes and accessories reflecting Doug’s attention to quality, detail and value. You may have read about them in the fall edition of FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly). The article begins with, “Without a doubt, Doug James is the most prolific doll designer today…. “

Thank you for your interest!

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