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Our Philosophy…

It is our constant goal to use our ball jointed and strung lines of resin fashion dolls to bring you a selection of the best: the best in quality of materials and the best in the quality of workmanship and design, and the best in pricing. We combine those characteristics with very limited production numbers to maintain the exclusivity of each design.

Conceptually, we look at a fashion doll as a holistic being; a combination of factors with equal value: sculpt, high quality production, face paint, body, smooth articulation, wig styling, fashion and accessories and so on.  All these pieces and parts go together to make up our finished product and collectively culminate in overall value over the long term. Are the various looks of our dolls written in stone just because we like them? Of course not. Often the smallest change can alter an entire appearance; a different wig for example. But, that’s the fun part. We leave that to you!  

While we want to make sure our fashion dolls appear in photos as they’ll look when they arrive on your doorstep, we also recognize that they are multi-dimensional so there are many ways to present them.  We enjoy presenting them in different perspectives as well and in photographic work done by others, both talented amateurs and professionals. The result is creative and expansive. We happily give credit where credit is due.

New Characters and Editions…

New things are always in the works. Watch for them!

“First Contact” - Our Private List …

Watch easily! Be the first to find out what’s going on: events, new doll releases, sales, etc. by getting on our “First Contact” List. It’s simple. Email us your name and email address. Get on our private list and hear about it first! (Our list only. It doesn’t go anywhere else.)

JDJ International: The Story

JDJ International: The Story is being expanded and updated. JDJ International came into being over 14 years ago. Being the first company to produce a fully jointed fashion doll adds to a rich, prolific and award winning history.

‘Sold Out’ Gallery
A gallery of pictures with identifiers of everything we have produced is coming! Wow. Given our multiple doll lines, Doug’s creative nature, and number of years in business this is a monumental task but we’re actively working on it. We’ll keep you posted.  


We’re adding something new called Doug’s Private Collection. It’s here!

Are we busy? You bet.

Thank you for your interest in JDJ International. We want your experience with us to be the best!



Photo & Accessories
 by Alex Forbes

Resin Fashion Dolls

Willow & Daisy