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Violett Snow White Doll Variations
one of a kind

A note from Doug James: The Violett Snow White and Gabby Rose Red dolls are a very specific concept involving an old fairy tale. The early fairy tale story was about two young caring sisters as different as they could be and their adventures. The story seemed to fit perfectly with our Violett and Gabby dolls. With Violett Snow White and Gabby Rose Red, the looks, dresses, jewelry, hair and shoes came together giving a young and innocent feeling fitting the story perfectly.

In working on the Snow White and Rose Red dolls I started seeing ways to take the original design and add to it and expand it. And, a “young and innocent” look would no longer be a requirement! To start, I had the challenge of finding four completely different versions of the Violett Snow White design concept. They were a lot of work but I love how they turned out and I certainly liked creating them! I call them “Variations”. They are each a one–of-a-kind. I hope you enjoy seeing our four Violett Snow White “Variations”. The Gabby Rose Red “Variations” are coming soon.

Variation Doll #1

Variation Doll #2

Variation Doll #3

Variation Doll # 4